Welcome to my new online space. 

It has been fourteen years since I embarked on my second profession: coaching. During the past three years I took time to redirect my focus and pilot new programs and activities. I also went back to being a trainer, mentor, and a student. What you see today is a revamped, more inclusive space and online presence, allowing me to build on the successful experiences from the past while granting me the opportunity to shift some areas to reflect how I have changed over the past fourteen years professionally and personally.  

You will notice that the offerings blend my passions: executive function coaching, mindfulness, and teaching. You probably don’t know that my first job after graduating from Georgetown University Law Center was being a clinical legal fellow while I was earning my L.L.M. at the same institution. Yes, teaching was and continues to be one of my core passions!   

And some things never change. I am still providing my first offering as a coach: executive function/ADHD individual coaching and now, as a sign of the times, I am offering the services virtually. I have also expanded the executive function coaching to the workforce group setting. After all, do you know how many business leaders have shared their need for executive function coaching and organization strategies for their workforce? 

I have been a mindfulness student and have adopted the practice in my every day life. Studies continue to stress how mindfulness can build resiliency, boost focus, add joy to our lives, and even has the ability to rewire the brain. Some of my clients have recognized positive changes in their lives after including simple mindfulness practices to their coaching. I definitely notice the positive impact it has in my life and am grateful to be including mindfulness coaching.  This online space will continue to evolve just as our lives do and yet my desire and commitment to co-create a space where you will discover your strengths, deepen the understanding of who you really are, accept responsibility for your life, and experience deep change and personal growth remains the same. 

I invite you to browse around and get to know me and my professional practice. 

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